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purple passion


Purple Passion Garden by Caribou Seed Company
Organic & fresh seeds for the current growing season!

A stunning collection of purple flowers. This collection includes four easy to grow flowers to create the perfect purple garden. Includes easy to understand growing instructions and recommended for beginner to expert gardeners.

Purple Alyssum • 50 seeds
Sweet Alyssum is a delicate carpet of tiny flowers with a subtle, sweet scent.  The low-growing foliage is covered by flowers for much of the growing season.

Spider Flower/Cleome • 20 seeds

Absolutely stunning in the garden, with unique bloom shape. Grows to 3-4 feet tall.

Hungarian Poppy • 100 seeds
Absolutely striking purple blooms, measuring 8 cm/3" across.  Large blooms make a stunning display in the garden and the seeds are completely edible.  Attracts bees and deer resistant.

Matthiola/Evening Scented Stock • 50 seeds
Lilac/purple blooms provide an intense fragrance all night long until the early morning.
The scent has been compared to vanilla, rose, spice and even cloves

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