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radiant red

Radiant Red Garden by Caribou Seed Company

A collection of 4 beautiful red flowers to create a colour themed garden.
Check out our full line of colour themed gardens to find your favourite colours.
Mix and match to create your own design!

Velvet Queen Sunflower • 30-40 seeds
A deep red, Velvet Queen sunflower is a visual beauty.
Attracts bees and pollinators
Reaches 5-6 feet tall.

Cosmos Rubenza Red • 40-50 seeds
A beautiful dark red, cosmos attracts butterflies, bees & other beneficial pollinators.
Cosmos flowers constantly throughout the summer.

Cherry Queen Zinnia • 40-50 seeds
Zinnia's are a beautiful choice in the garden, with extremely large blooms.
Resistant to mildew and disease.

Flanders Poppy• 100 seeds
Sow heirloom Flanders poppy seeds for bright red summer colour in nearly any soil.
Flanders poppies are quite drought tolerant, so they are useful in xeriscaping schemes.

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