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ivory inspiration


Ivory Inspiration by Caribou Seed Company
Organic, fresh seeds for the current growing season!

A beautiful collection of ivory white flowers.  Check out our full line of colour themed gardens to find your favourite colours. Perfect to mix and match to create your own design!

White Cosmos • 30- 40 seeds
A beautiful ivory cosmos, attracts butterflies, bees & other beneficial pollinators. Cosmos flowers constantly throughout the summer.

Polar Zinnia • 40-50 seeds
Zinnia's are a beautiful choice in the garden, with extremely large blooms. Resistant to mildew and disease.

White Sweet Pea • 10 seeds
Sweet peas enchant us with their fragile, sweet fragrance and make great bouquets.  Royal White Sweet Pea is a climbing variety that can grow up to 6' tall.  Attracts butterflies, bees & other beneficial insects.

Bridal Silk Poppy • 100 seeds
Pretty white poppies add a romantic note to the garden. ♥ Poppy sports an abundance of blooms throughout the summer!

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