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summer salads seed kit


Summer Salads by Caribou Seed Company
Organic seeds for the current growing season!

What's better than a fresh summer salad, plucked right from your backyard? These four simple vegetables will provide you everything you need to make healthy salads all summer long. Included are a mesclun mix (red and green leafy greens and lettuces), cucumbers, spinach and cherry tomatoes.

Mesclun Mix • 50-60 seeds
Mesclun is a French name for mixed young leaves for salad use.
The mix includes a variety salad greens, including red and green leafy lettuces.

Cherry Tomato • 40-50 seeds
This variety of cherry tomato (Tiny Tim) is the sweetest on the market.
Exceptional flavour and colour.

Spinach • 40-50 seeds
Dark green, round large, plain leaf variety.
Great regrowth for "cut and come again" harvest.

Cucumber • 30-40 seeds
Large cucumbers, average 23 cm/9" iin length.
Matures in 58 days.

All seeds are guaranteed fresh for the current growing season and GMO free.  Our kit includes a full set of growing instructions, suggested uses and an easy garden plan.

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