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monarch butterfly garden kit


Monarch Butterfly Garden by Caribou Seed Company
The Monarch Butterfly kit includes the best flowers to attract butterflies to help their species thrive.  As monarchs migrate, they make several stops to feed, rest and lay their eggs. The eggs are deposited on one specific plant called the Milkweed or Butterfly Weed. 

You can help these delicate creatures by creating a butterfly garden which ensures their survival.Each flower type in our kit will help you become a butterfly boss, and keeper of the monarchs. You'll be doing a lot of good for our winged friends.

Centaurea/Bachelor's Buttons • 40-50 seeds
Produces softly fringed thistle-like blooms are found in delicate shades of lilac, rose, white, or purple.Make wonderful cut flowers when picked just as they open.  Sow outside in early spring.

Tithonia • 40-50 seeds
Tithonia, also called Mexican Sunflower, is an annual plant that is native to Mexico and Central America.  The daisy-like flowers are a deep orange and grow 3 - 4 inches across.  Tithonia blooms from summer to fall.

Cosmos Sensation Mix• 40 - 50 seeds
Graceful for backgrounds, borders and bouquets, with seed heads that attract birds.
Tolerant of poor soil, heat and humidity, makes it an excellent choice to grow as a "no fuss" annual. Thrives on minimal care.

Butterfly Milkweed • 20 seeds
Growing butterfly weed will result in a butterfly bonanza! The clusters of flowers are soaked with nectar, which attracts the monarch butterfly. Butterfly weed is also beneficial to other pollinators such as bees & hummingbirds. Native to Eastern Canada & USA.

All seeds are guaranteed fresh for the current growing season and GMO free. The Monarch Butterfly Garden Kit includes a full set of growing instructions, and garden plan to help you save time AND monarchs. Who's the champion of the monarchs now? 

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