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sangria swirl


Dark and mysterious, our fave burgundy and black flowers have been assembled into our Sangria Swirl kit. Spectacular on their own and dazzling when paired with our Snowy White seed kit.  

The Sangria Swirl seed kit is a a must have for gardeners with unique personalities and tastes. Warning: This ain't your grandma's basic garden!

Black Button Centaurea • 40-50 seeds
Gorgeous deep burgundy thistle-like blooms.  Centaurea makes a wonderful cut flower when picked just as they open. Sow outside in early spring; blooms continue into September if deadheaded regularly. Use for cottage garden, butterfly garden. Attracts bees & pollinators.

Black Swan Poppy • 100 seeds
Unique peony-type flower, with frilly deep burgundy petals. They are absolutely stunning from the minute they start to unfurl. Attracts bees and beneficial pollinators.
Large seed pods are edible and perfect for baking. 

Black Knight Scabiosa • 30-40 seeds
Blooms in deep burgundy to almost black.  The beaded buds open to a sumptuous puff of a flower that resembles satin.  Honey-scented flowers attract bees and butterflies to your garden. Deer resistant.

Back to Black Viola • 40-50 seeds
Dainty flower in deep black to deep purple with yellow centers. Blooms in the first year of growth.  Deadheading will encourage summer long blooms. Flower petals of this viola are completely edible!

All seeds are guaranteed fresh for the current growing season and GMO free. 

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