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pepper - scotch bonnet


Scotch Bonnet peppers are commonly used in Caribbean cuisine, especially Jamaican dishes; an authentic jerk paste will be made using the scotch bonnet.  Unlike other peppers,  scotch bonnet peppers have a spicy and subtle fruity note.  In terms of growing, these peppers need alot of heat; the more heat provided, the hotter the pepper.  Packet contains 35-40 seeds.

*Please note, a GOOD germination rate for this seed is around 60%. Scotch Bonnet is not easy to germinate and grow due to its heat requirements. Please keep this in mind when trying this seed!*

Scotch Bonnet

Capsicum chinense

Scoville Rating
• 150 000

• Full sun

• 90-120 days

Life Cycle
• Annual

Sowing Method
• Indoor

• Moderately difficult (If enough heat is not provided, these plants will not do very well)

Growing Zones
• 5-12

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