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in bloom gift box

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I N  B L O O M  B O X
3 seed kits + 1 artisan soap + 2 bath bombs

Our In Bloom Box is the perfect gift for that special person who loves absolutely adores gardening!  Each kit is meant to attract pollinators including butterflies and bees.  Includes 3 seed kits, which are floral themed, 1 artisan soap and 2 bath bombs.  Include a personalized message for your gift recipient at checkout.

 S E E D  K I T S  x 3

• Pretty Poppies
This package includes our most popular poppy seeds including: Hungarian Blue, Flanders and Oriental.  Includes 10 packets.

• Perennially Yours
A collection of our favourite perennials, including butterfly milkweed, hollyhock, carnation. Includes 10 packets.

• Pollinator Party
A thoughtful selection of high nectar producing flowers, which will attract a variety of winged creatures to the yard.  Includes 7 packets: zinnia, matthiola, salvia, centaurea, tithonia, butterfly bush,

A R T I S A N   S O A P  x 1

At the end of a long day of gardening, what better way to wash off the dirt and grime than a lovely artisan soap, leaving the skin refreshed and rejuvenated. 

•  Charcoal & Anise Soap
Designed to provide a deep clean. Activated charcoal absorbs dirt and oil, washing it away and leaving your skin looking fresh and feeling soft.

B A T H  B O M B x 2

•  Marigold Bath Bomb

•  Vanilla Chai Bath Bomb

Please note, all our seed is organic, GMO-free. All soaps are handmade with the purest of ingredients, all-natural, chemical-free, vegan skin care products.

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