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Healing Herbal Tea by Caribou Seed Company

Medicinal herbal teas have been used for centuries to ward off colds and boost the immune system.  Our collection of these four herbs can help alleviate many medical conditions.

Lemon Balm • 100 seeds
Lemon balm is provides a clean lemon fragrance as its name suggests. Commonly used in floral bouquets and herbal teas to aid sleep as it has a calming affect. This herb also is attractive to pollinators including bees.

Chamomile • 100 seeds
Chamomile is well known for its use in herbal teas that aids proper sleep, colds & digestion. Herbal teas are also used to aid in menstrual cramping, stomach pain and reduces stress.

Spearmint • 100+ seeds
Spearmint is a pleasant-smelling species of mint often used in medicine for its claimed therapeutic properties. The herb is found in health food products, toothpastes, mouthwashes, and cosmetics.

Cinnamon Basil • 100 seeds
The leaves are commonly used in herbal & medicinal teas to relieve stress & stomach pain. Cinnamon basil can also be used in the same way as sweet basil for Asian & Indian cooking.

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