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green smoothies seed kit

Kickstart your way to a healthier you by making your very own green smoothies.

This kit contains four essential veggies to make a nutritional shake: kale, swiss chard, cucumber and beet.

Kale • 50-60 seeds
Kale is a hardy, leafy vegetable with a multitude of uses.
Can be used in salads, smoothies/shakes, "kale chips" and as a spinach substitute.
Matures in 56 days.

Spinach • 30-40 seeds
Plant will produce dark green leaves on uniform erect plant habit.
Has good heat tolerance, fast growing and heavy yield.
Matures in 52 days.

Beet • 30-40 seeds
A great open-pollinated strain with multiple uses.
Matures in 65 days.

Cucumber • 30-40 seeds
Large cucumbers, average 23 cm/9" iin length.
Matures in 58 days.

All seeds are guaranteed fresh for the current growing season and GMO free. Our kit includes a full set of growing instructions, a smoothie recipe and an easy garden plan because we know you've got workouts to do.

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