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heavenly hollyhocks


Heavenly Hollyhock Seed Kit
Chater's Triumph Mix, Powderpuffs Mix, Jet Black, Zebrina

The hollyhock was widely planted in Victorian cottage gardens. The tall flower spikes bloom profusely with lovely flowers. Known to attract hummingbirds, pollinators and butterflies.

Hollyhock 'Chater's Double Triumph Mix'
Flowers measure up to 5 inches wide! Produces rose-like flowers on 5 - 8 ft. stalks. Blooms in rose, salmon, red, buff, yellow, maroon, white, scarlet. Rabbit & deer resistant.

• Powderpuffs Double Mix Hollyhock
Powderpuffs Double Mix seeds grow tolerant 48-72 inch tall.  Blooms in shades of yellow, fuchsia, red, pink, rose, and magenta.A hardy perennial that will vigorously reseed itself for even more spectacular color the following season.

• Jet Black Hollyhock
A heirloom variety that dates back to 1629. Jet black hollyhock grows to 4-6 ft tall. Very decorative flower, produces 3" deep purple & black blooms. Flowers in its second year and then tends to naturalize. Technically a biennial, hollyhock plantings last for decades as a result of division and self seeding.

• 'Indian Spring' Hollyhock
Indian Spring Hollyhock is a unique mixture of single, double and ruffled flowers.
Blooms in rose, pink, white, chocolate, purple and lavender from spring to frost.
Flowers will reach their maximum bloom size in the 2nd year of growth.

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