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asian - bopak pak choi


Bopak is a tasty addition to Asian recipes and the tender, crisp leaves can be eaten raw in salads or sandwiches. May be harvested as a baby Pak Choi as well as grown to full size.  The tender leaves and crisp sweet stalks are a tasty addition to Asian recipes or eaten raw. Swap stalks for celery sticks, add to soups and stews, or grill on the barbecue. Plant every couple of weeks for successive harvests in spring and fall. Compact plant habit is ideal for home gardeners with limited space. Packet contains 40-50 seeds.

Bopak Pak Choi
Brassica Rapa chinensis

• Full sun

• 55 days

• 14 inches

Life Cycle
• Annual

Sowing Method
• Indoor

• Easy

Growing Zones
• 3-10

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