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monarch butterfly garden kit


The Monarch Butterfly kit includes the best flowers to attract butterflies to the yard and help their species thrive. As monarchs migrate, they make several stops to feed, rest and lay their eggs. The eggs are deposited on one specific plant called the Milkweed or Butterfly Weed. 

The bad news - Human activity such as deforestation and construction have destroyed countless milkweed plants resulting in dwindling monarch populations.  If there are no milkweed plants to lay eggs on, there are no butterfly babies and well, I'm sure you get the sad picture. 

The good news - You can help these delicate creatures by creating a butterfly garden which provides everything they require to survive.  Each flower type in our kit will help you become a butterfly boss, and keeper of the monarchs.  You'll be doing a lot of good for our winged friends.

Seed Quantities
Centaurea - 20
Butterfly Weed - 20
Butterfly Bush - 20
Cosmos - 50

All seeds are guaranteed fresh for the current growing season and GMO free.  The Monarch Butterfly Garden Kit includes a full set of growing instructions, and garden plan to help you save time AND monarchs.  Who's the champion of the monarchs now?    

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