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chef's herb garden seed kit

Chef's Herb Garden by Caribou Seed Company

Organic herb seeds for the current growing season!

The Chef's Herb Garden Kit includes 10 of the most popular culinary herbs. Add fresh flavor to all your favorite dishes! Herbs will grow all summer long. Our kit includes a full set of growing instructions, garden plan, harvesting tips, and culinary uses.

All seeds are guaranteed fresh for the current growing season and GMO free.
Packaged in "breathable packaging", 100% paper which can be composted & recycled.  All packets includes 100 seeds with the exception of sage which has 50 seeds.

Arugula leaves are utilized in salads, stews and pasta dishes.

Genovese Basil
Basil is commonly used for pesto sauces, pasta, lasagna, pizza and other Italian dishes.

Use chopped leaves to add flavor and decorative garnish to salads.

Dill is commonly paired with certain foods, such as potatoes and fish,

Oregano's full, zesty flavor is a must in Greek and Italian cuisine. Has great medicinal properties.

A heirloom variety from Italy, provides robust, dark green, flat leaves. Very aromatic, rich, sweet flavour.

Use rosemary with chicken and other poultry, lamb, pork, mushrooms, onions, peas, potatoes, and spinach.

Sage goes well with pork, beef, duck and chicken, can be stirred into pasta dishes.

The aromatic flavor of thyme complements Southern Italian sauces of hot peppers, eggplants, soups and stews.

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