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perennially yours garden kit

The Perennially Yours Garden Kit is a collection our favorite flowers that return to the garden year after year. Perennial plants require little maintenance making them ideal for gardeners of all skill levels. (We're looking at you black thumbs)

• Hollyhock produces delicate double blooms that tends to attract birds & butterflies
• Echinacea grows showy purple cornflowers, a favourite of butterflies & bees.
• Lucida Aster will fill your garden with petite fuschia coloured blooms
• Butterfly Bush is known for it's sweet fragrance, which attracts butterflies like a magnet

So not only do you get a superb garden, year after year with minimal work...you'll also be host to an awesome butterfly party. And let's be honest...who doesn't want to host a butterfly party???

Seed Quantities
Hollyhock - 20
Lucida Aster - 50
Echinacea - 30
Butterfly Bush - 20

All seeds are guaranteed fresh for the current growing season and GMO free. Our kit includes a full set of growing instructions and garden plan.

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