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pretty in pink

Pretty In Pink Garden by Caribou Seed Company

A collection of 4 lovely pink flowers to create a colour themed garden.  Check out our full line of colour themed gardens to find your favourite colours. Mix and match to create your own design!

Cleome 'Pink Queen' • 40-50 seeds
Pink Queen Cleome produces stunning dark pink flowers that progress to a blush pink.  Blooms measure 6 - 8 inches across.  Their stunning flowers attract hummingbirds.  Grows 4 - 6 ft tall and tolerates heat and drought.   Deer resistant. 

Cosmos 'Sensation Pink' • 40-50 seeds
Large, pink flowers with yellow center bloom from midsummer on. Graceful for backgrounds, borders and bouquets, with seed heads that attract birds. Tolerates poor soil, heat and humidity, making it an excellent choice if you are looking for an easy to grow "no fuss" annual that will thrive on minimal care.

Soapwort • 40-50 seeds
Rock Soapwort is an herbaceous evergreen perennial with a ground-hugging habit of growth.  Ideal perennial for alpine and rock gardens. Provides great drainage and is highly attractive to bees.  The plant roots are commonly used to make soap.  

Sweet Pea 'Royal Pink' • 10 seeds
Sweet peas date back to at least 300 years in their native Sicily. They enchant us with their fragile, sweet fragrance and make great bouquets. Royal Pink Sweet Pea is a climbing variety that can grow up to 6' tall.   Heirloom variety.

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