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sapphire serenity


Sapphire Serenity Seed Kit
Blue Flax, Forget Me Not, Blue Lupin, Nigella

A collection of blue flowers with unique shape and form.  A beautiful addition to your colour themed garden plan.

• Blue Flax
Linum perenne

Blue Flax adds charming, light blue blooms to the garden.  It is commonly called perennial flax, and grows to 1-2' tall. Features 5-petaled, sky blue flowers.  Tolerates sandy and dry soils, Packet includes 40-50 seeds.

• Forget-Me-Not
Myosotis sylvatica

Compact ball shaped plants are filled with pretty blue flowers with tiny yellow centers. This wildflower tolerates full to partial shade.Packet contains 50 seeds.

• Russell's Hybrids Lupin - Blue
Lupinus albus

Striking, bold upright spikes are dense with pea-like flowers.  Produces tall, colourful spikes of blue and purple. Lupins prefer cool weather; plant in shade if the summers are too hot. Packet includes 30 seeds.

• Nigella 'Blue Stars'
Nigella bucharica

Nigella ‘Blue Stars’ is a dainty annual, covered with bright blue, dainty flowers.   Seed pods are smaller and not as decorative as other nigellas. Self-sows easily.  Rabbit and deer resistant.  Packet contains 30-40 seeds.

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