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busy bees garden seed kit


One of the most pressing ecological concerns today, is the disappearance of bees. For a number of years, bee hive populations have been steadily declining due to the use of insecticides & pesticides which contain neonicotinoids (in other words, really bad chemicals).  What can we do about it?

You can help our little honey bee friends by growing a busy bees garden. It includes the perfect flowers to attract bees and help their species thrive.  Not only will these little guys recognize you as their blessed protector, but your entire garden will benefit from their presence; vegetable pollination, flower pollination, and if you're really lucky, free honey.  

Seed Quantities
Cosmos 'Sensations Mix' - 50
Zinnia 'Whirligig' - 50
Salvia 'Horminum' - 50
Matthiola - 50

All seeds are guaranteed fresh for the current growing season and GMO free.  Our kit also includes a full set of easy to understand growing instructions, and garden plan; we've got you covered savior of the bees.   

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