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asian - gai lan/chinese broccoli


Gai lan is easy to grow and delicious to eat.  Chinese broccoli is harvested when the flower stalks are 1-2cm thick, just before the flowers open. The plant can be harvested several times, similar to a herb plant.  Gai lan also makes extremely nutritious sprouts and microgreens. Its thick stems stay crunchy and succulent when steamed or stir fried. Commonly used in Chinese, Vietnamese and Burmese cuisine.  Packet contains 50-60 seeds.

'Green Pearl' Gai Lan
Brassica oleraceae var. albogrlabra

• Full sun to partial shade

• 50-60 days

•  45 cm | 18"

Life Cycle
• Annual

Sowing Method
• Indoor

• Easy

Growing Zones
• 4-10

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