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sweet pea - white


Sweet peas date back to at least 300 years in their native Sicily. They enchant us with their fragile, sweet fragrance and make great bouquets. Royal White Sweet Pea is a climbing variety that can grow up to 6' tall.   Attracts butterflies, bees & other beneficial insects.  Prefers cooler weather.  Heirloom variety.  Packet contains 10 seeds.

Royal White Sweet Pea
Lathyrus odoratus

Growing Requirements
• Full sun

• 6' | 180 cm

• 12" | 30 cm

Life Cycle
• Annual

Sowing Method
• Outdoor

• Easy

• Vine, trellis, arbor, butterfly garden, pollinator garden, fragrance, cut flower

Growing Zones
• 1-10

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