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blue flax


Blue Flax
Linum perenne

Blue Flax adds charming, light blue blooms to the garden.  It is commonly called perennial flax, and grows to 1-2' tall. Features 5-petaled, sky blue flowers which open for only one day. A profuse bloomer for a period of up to 8 weeks in late spring. Flowers open early on sunny mornings, but petals usually drop by late afternoon. The flax plants which are commercially grown today for making linen (from the stems) and linseed oil (from the seeds).  Tolerates sandy and dry soils, Packet includes 40-50 seeds.

Growing Requirements
• Full sun

• 18-24" | 45-60 cm

• 4-8" | 10-20 cm

Life Cycle
• Perennial

Sowing Method
• Indoor

• Moderate

• Rock garden, cottage garden

Growing Zones
• 3-8

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