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precious poppies


Pretty Poppy Seed Kit
Flanders, California, Pizzicato & Oriental Poppy 

In the garden, poppies are an attractive, easy to grow flower. They prefer full sun to partial shade and they will grow well in many types of soils.The kit includes 100-150 seeds of each poppy, for total of 400-600 seeds.

• California Poppy
Eschscholzia californica

Attractive flowers bloom in white, orange, red and gold.California poppies are very tough flowers & drought resistant; ideal for xeriscaping. A tender perennial that may behave as an annual in colder regions. California Poppy is also deer resistant.

• Flanders Poppy
Papaver rhoeas

Sow heirloom Flanders poppy seeds for bright red summer colour in nearly any soil.  Flanders poppies are quite drought tolerant, so they are useful in xeriscaping schemes.  Also a deer resistant variety that looks spectacular when planted in large areas.

• Oriental Poppy
Papaver orientale

Oriental poppies are large and stunning! Semi-double poppies bloom in red, white, purple and deep pink.  Plants grow to 36 in. tall & bloom in May and June.

• Iceland Poppy
Papaver nudicaule

The large, cup shaped blooms have a texture like crepe paper. Blooms in a range of subdued pastel colours – apricot, gold, tangerine, and white. When planted in the right spot, the Iceland poppy plant blooms from May through July.

All seeds are guaranteed fresh for the current growing season and GMO free. 

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