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stunning sunset


Stunning Sunset Garden by Caribou Seed Company
A breathtaking collection of flowers that will mimic gorgeous sunset colours.
Includes easy to understand growing instructions and recommended for beginner to expert gardeners.

Purple Cleome • 30 seeds
Absolutely stunning in the garden, with unique bloom shape. Grows to 3-4 feet tall.

Cherry Queen Zinnia • 40-50 seeds
Zinnia's are a beautiful choice in the garden, with extremely large blooms. Resistant to mildew and disease.

Tithonia/Mexican Sunflower • 25 seeds
Beaitufl daisy-like flowers are a deep orange and grow 2 1/2" to 3 inches across. *Hummingbirds and butterflies can't stay away from this flower!*

Yellow Marigold • 25 seeds
These aromatic annuals are easy to grow and brighten the garden with their cheerful shades of yellow. Extra-large 2.5 in/5-6 cm bright yellow flowers. Helps with pests.

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