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flavours of Italy


Flavours of Italy by Caribou Seed Company
Organic seeds for all your favourite Italian dishes!

There's nothing better than using the very best & freshest ingredients in the kitchen. We've compiled our favourite herbs and veggies for use in Italian cuisine.  From fresh pestos to homemade tomato sauce to eggplant parmigiana, we've bundled it all up for you. Find our favourite Italian recipes below!

Genovese Basil • 100 seeds
Basil is commonly used for pesto sauces, pasta, lasagna, pizza and other Italian dishes.  This Genovese variety is the best strain for homemade pesto!

Oregano • 100 seeds
Oregano's full, zesty flavor is a must in Italian dishes.  Seed can be difficult to start; a 50% germination rate for these seeds is considered to be very good. Attracts beneficial insects such as bees.  Oregano is a perennial herb.

Thyme • 100 seeds
Thyme is a Mediterranean herb with dietary and ornamental uses. The aromatic flavor of thyme complements Southern Italian sauces of hot peppers and eggplants, soups and stews.

Rosemary • 100 seeds
Rosemary is an aromatic herb in the mint family that grows on an evergreen bush. Dried rosemary leaves release more flavour if freshly crushed.  The flowers are extremely fragrant and very attractive to honeybees and other beneficial pollinators.

Italian Eggplant • 50 seeds
Italian Pink Bicolor produces large cream & rose fruit. Measures 8"/20 cm long.

Roma Tomato • 40-50 seeds
Exceptionally early heavy yields of nicely flavoured tomatoes. Roma tomato seeds are an heirloom variety and perfect for sauces, or home made tomato paste. This is a particularly nice variety for growers wanting to can their harvest.

'Red of Florence' Onion • 50-60 seeds
Red of Florence is an old Italian heirloom!  Produces round bulbs, medium to deep red in color, mild and sweet in flavor. Great for salads and pickling and stores very well.

Capsicum/Bell Pepper• 30-40 seeds
A certified organic and heirloom variety, California Wonder produces medium sized 4” fruits.Thick, fleshy walls and mild flavour make it perfect for stuffing.

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