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striking sunflowers seed kit


Stunning Sunflower Garden by Caribou Seed Company
Organic seeds for the current growing season!

A collection of 4 beautiful sunflowers!
Ranging from vibrant shades of red, pink to traditional yellow!

Velvet Queen Sunflower • 40 seeds
A deep red, moulin rouge sunflower is a visual beauty.
Reaches 5-6 feet tall.

Ruby Eclipse Sunflower • 20 seeds
Ruby Eclipse produces bi-coloured petals; red to pink towards the center and lemon dipped at the edges.
It is the only sunflower to display shades of pink on it's petals!

Cutting Gold Sunflower • 20 seeds
Bright yellow petals grow around a deep chocolate center.
This particular variety is perfect as a cutflower.

Kong Sunflower • 20 seeds
Reaches up to 20 feet tall, Kong Sunflower is an absolute giant.
Produces massive flower heads.

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